About Jaykaiy Patterns

I am Jacqueline, the owner and pattern maker here at Jaykaiy Patterns.

Since I was a child, I have had a burning passion for fashion and design, which led to years of Fashion studies, a degree in Advertising Design while focusing on garment drafting.

It wasn't until my final project in High School (in 2005) that Jaykaiy first took form. Upon graduating from High School in 2006, my debut line was launched and sold through a blog. The brand has developed into kids' clothing sewing patterns through the years with the arrival of my own two children.

Because many makers start sewing with the arrival of a child, whether their own or a beloved niece or nephew, I aim to make all my patterns beginner-friendly by using step-by-step picture instructions.

By mixing fun patterns and prints and kid's closet staples, I hope Jaykaiy will inspire you to make and define your wardrobe.

Happy sewing,

Jacqueline, Owner of Jaykaiy Patterns.