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Brimmed Bonnet Pattern

Brimmed Bonnet Pattern

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Baby and Toddler Brimmed Bonnet Pattern, with step-by-step picture instructions. 

The Brimmed Bonnet is a lovely accessory for kids who spend time playing outside, apart from being adorable. This pattern includes two lengths of visors/brims, one full face covering, and one shorter visor. This pattern is fully reversible. 

You will learn how to make the Brimmed Bonnet in the included step-by-step picture instructions. The pattern should be used on woven fabric. No serger required. 

The instructions include a sizing guide, but you choose pattern size by age. 

Happy sewing!


Sizes 0-3M to 18-24M. 

Fabric & Material

1/2 yard of woven fabric. 
3 inches interfacing.

Skill Level

  • Beginner
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